All about Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are significantly lighter and softer, providing a natural appeal that blends in with your existing hair. As the name suggests, hand-tied weft hair extensions refer to those hand-sewn. Unlike other applications, hand-tied extensions are durable and light, featuring smaller wefts or curtains. A weft is a collection of hair strands nicely set on a piece of fabric. They are attached to the owner's hair using various techniques. Why hand tied weft extensions? When finished, weft hair extensions should form a full, blunt perimeter just like tape-in extensions. Some of the key benefits of hand tied weft hair extensions include: A natural appeal that blends with existing hair Light and easy on the scalp Soft to touch Requires no tape, glue or heat Lasts longer than most styles If you choose 100% Remy human hair, you can wash, dry, straighten, curl and style with heating tools How to apply hand-tied weft hair extension Hand-sewn weft hair extensions require existing hai

Pros & Cons of I Tip Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have come a long way since Cleopatra's time. Archaeologists found evidence that Egyptians were using extensions made of real hair and sheep's wool, attaching them using resin and beeswax. The use of extensions continued throughout history. By the 1900s, "clip-in" extensions became popular because of their ease of use. In the 1980s, the innovative hairstylist, Simon Forbes, developed "monofibre" extensions attached using hot wax. That paved the way for U-tip extensions that are fused to your hair with heated keratin. Then along came I-tips, also referred to shoelace tips and cold fusion. As opposed to the U-tip extensions that require heat, I-tip extensions are attached using micro or Nano beads. Small strands of your hair are pulled through a small metal loop in the extension base and clipped together with the beads. Pros of I-Tips I-tips are work well for any hair type, but they're particularly beneficial for fine, thin hair. They are ve

What are Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are ideal for clients who desire the versatility of longer, fuller hair and the flexibility to try different styles without changing their natural hair. Tape-ins don't require the extensive, demanding installation process; the commitment, or the expense of other types of extensions such as sew-ins or fused/bonded method. Conversely, tape-ins are more durable than temporary, non-adhesive clip-in extensions. Tape-in extensions apply just as the name suggests: they are affixed to the hair with medical-grade adhesive tape. Tape-ins are simple to install and to remove without damaging the hair. They can be installed in an hour or less, sometimes in as little as half an hour, and require no additional tools (i.e no needle and thread like sew-ins). Also, tape-ins are reusable when installed and cared for properly. More than other types of extensions, tape-ins adhere much closer and more evenly against the head. It helps that the base of a tape-in hair weft tends to

What is Balayage?

  Balayage has taken the globe by storm. The new hair makeover is not only the most coveted request in luxurious salons, but it is also commonly observed on the red carpet and social media. Although it may have been popular in recent years, this dyeing technique has been around longer than a decade. Hairstylists have perfected balayage to the extent of creating names for themselves. With most models and celebrities inheriting the unique, sun kissed hair color, it is right to believe that the technique is here to stay. What is Balayage? Balayage originates from the French term "balayer," to mean 'sweeping.' It refers to the process through which color is applied. As such, 'Balayage' describes the technique used by stylists to paint hair color onto the hair for a natural highlight impact. When applied, Balayage makes the hair looks less stripy compared to highlights, while creating fun color and gorgeous dimensions. The effect allows for contrast and brightness

Balayage, Ombre and Sombre

The name Balayage is often considered the culminating technique for everything highlights, but there are other terms that are actually in the same family but independent in nature. For instance, Ombre’s are an edgier version of Balayage with a more defined transition of dark hair to light. Sombre’s alternatively offering a softer sun splashed transition of darker hair to light with the tips only slightly lighter than the base with a smoother transition from roots to the ends. With so many variations in style and application techniques, it is no surprise that highlights continue to surge in popularity. However, Women who color their hair at home tend to avoid attempting highlights because there aren’t really a lot of Salon quality products for the general public to use. This leaves most women to choose between making the expensive trip to the salon for highlights or attempting it at home with mixed results. In general, even once the application is complete its important to und

Why Exfoliating Salt glows are an amazing experience.

There are plenty of massage styles and techniques out there, designed to help you relax, soothe tense muscles and improve the appearance of your skin. None, though, is more exciting or unique than an exfoliating salt glow. Okay, what’s an exfoliating salt glow, you may ask? An exfoliating salt glow is a mineral-rich sea salt treatment that combines salt, dried seaweed with fruit enzymes to give your skin a healthy glow. First a therapist, like an esthetician in Henderson, applies the salt mixture to your skin in a soothing, rhythmic motion. Then, they leave it to do to its work before gently removing it with a towel, revealing new layers of skin beneath. Finally, they apply massage oils and creams, helping to make the skin more supple. Now, doesn’t that sound good? Do you want a salt glow? Check out the following benefits: Remove Annoying Dead Skin From Your Back The annoying thing about your back is that it’s permanently out of reach. You can never quite sc