Balayage, Ombre and Sombre

The name Balayage is often considered the culminating technique for everything highlights, but there are other terms that are actually in the same family but independent in nature. For instance, Ombre’s are an edgier version of Balayage with a more defined transition of dark hair to light. Sombre’s alternatively offering a softer sun splashed transition of darker hair to light with the tips only slightly lighter than the base with a smoother transition from roots to the ends.
With so many variations in style and application techniques, it is no surprise that highlights continue to surge in popularity. However, Women who color their hair at home tend to avoid attempting highlights because there aren’t really a lot of Salon quality products for the general public to use. This leaves most women to choose between making the expensive trip to the salon for highlights or attempting it at home with mixed results. In general, even once the application is complete its important to understand ho…

Why Exfoliating Salt glows are an amazing experience.

There are plenty of massage styles and techniques out there, designed to help you relax, soothe tense muscles and improve the appearance of your skin. None, though, is more exciting or unique than an exfoliating salt glow.
Okay, what’s an exfoliating salt glow, you may ask?
An exfoliating salt glow is a mineral-rich sea salt treatment that combines salt, dried seaweed with fruit enzymes to give your skin a healthy glow. First a therapist, like an esthetician in Henderson, applies the salt mixture to your skin in a soothing, rhythmic motion. Then, they leave it to do to its work before gently removing it with a towel, revealing new layers of skin beneath. Finally, they apply massage oils and creams, helping to make the skin more supple.
Now, doesn’t that sound good?
Do you want a salt glow? Check out the following benefits:
Remove Annoying Dead Skin From Your Back
The annoying thing about your back is that it’s permanently out of reach. You can never quite scrub it the way that you want…

Microblading save make up time with great eyebrows.

Are you in a continual struggle to get the brows you want? If so, then microblading in Henderson can help. It’s a safe and effective brow-coloring technology that offers a host of benefits that you just can’t get with other techniques.
What Is Microblading?

The term microblading might sound scary, but it isn’t. In a sense, it’s a form of tattooing that implants pigment in the brows to provide the semi-permanent appearance of makeup.
Microblading, however, is different from getting a regular tattoo. For one, it only penetrates the top three layers of the skin, instead of all seven, allowing the strokes to look crisp and sharp as if they were real hairs! It’s also semi-permanent, meaning that it won’t be with you forever.
Want to learn more about microblading? Here are the benefits:
Cuts Down On Time Spend Getting Ready In The Morning
Prepping your brows in the morning slows you down and takes away from time that could be spent doing something else. Microblading offers a solution. Not only…

Time to become the new you for the holiday's

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of look you’d like in the new year. Sure, you could stick to your regular style, but you know what they say: variety is the spice of life. So why not switch things up a bit and change your hair color? Give yourself a fresh start. It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new you.

Choosing a hair color in 2020 is a more exciting experience than at virtually any other time in history. The reason for this is the sheer range of options available to you. Today, you can get not only different hair dyes but also hair treatments that use a variety of coloring technologies, allowing you to mix and match and experiment in ways that you never could before.
Choose High-Quality Hair Products
While you can get some bargain-basement hair dyes, we wouldn’t advise it. These products often contain harsh chemicals and never really reproduce the color that you see on the front of the packaging. Most people are disappointed by the resul…
Why are Manicures a good idea?
The Benefits of Getting a manicure in Henderson is about more than merely making your hands and nails look gorgeous. It also offers a host of additional benefits too.
The term “manicure” describers a set of treatments designed to improve the appearance of your hands and nails. Manicurists use exfoliation, mitt masks, hand and arm massage, varnishes, and even paraffin wax to achieve the look and feel that you want.
Check out the benefits of a manicure below: It Provides Stress Relief
Life is stressful. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it.
A manicure, though, offers you a little bit of “me time.” It’s a chance for somebody else to do the pampering for once, giving you the VIP treatment and breaking up your hectic schedule.
Many manicurists go out of their way to make you feel relaxed and at home while receiving treatment. Soft music, gentle hand massages, and pleasant conversation can all transform your mood and help you feel refreshed.
It Gets…

Where to get Esthetician Services in Henderson?

Appearances count for a lot in this world, not least because looking great makes you feel great. Embracing a range of esthetician services right here in Henderson, NV is unquestionably one of the best ways to unlock improved health and happiness.

If you’re wondering where to receive those treatments, Xpressions Salon and Day Spa is the answer. Here’s all you need to know about getting the best services in Henderson.

Why you need professional esthetician services
Let’s face it; life in NV is particularly hectic. As such, it’s essential that you take some time to invest in your health and beauty. Our esthetician services Henderson are the perfect solution.

Visiting Xpressions Salon and Day Spa opens the door to a range of esthetician services, enabling you to enjoy a whole range of benefits including but not limited to:

Gain a professional analysis of your skin conditioning, which extends to gaining advice on further skincare.Rejuvenate your skin through the direct treatments offered by …