What is Balayage?

 Balayage has taken the globe by storm. The new hair makeover is not only the most coveted request in luxurious salons, but it is also commonly observed on the red carpet and social media. Although it may have been popular in recent years, this dyeing technique has been around longer than a decade. Hairstylists have perfected balayage to the extent of creating names for themselves. With most models and celebrities inheriting the unique, sun kissed hair color, it is right to believe that the technique is here to stay.

What is Balayage?

Balayage originates from the French term "balayer," to mean 'sweeping.' It refers to the process through which color is applied. As such, 'Balayage' describes the technique used by stylists to paint hair color onto the hair for a natural highlight impact. When applied, Balayage makes the hair looks less stripy compared to highlights, while creating fun color and gorgeous dimensions. The effect allows for contrast and brightness in the hair while maintaining a natural look.

How to Apply Balayage

In order to create a Balayage effect on your hair, you need to inform your stylist about your certain end look. Some of the common questions that the stylist will ask include:
• Which part of your hair is your most favorite?
• How do you style your hair every day?
• How often do you want a touch up of your balayage?
These questions are important since they give your hair stylist an overview of your preferred balayage contour and color based on your preferred features and lifestyle. The stylist will then paint the parts of your hair that have bleach then light-hand the strokes towards the hair roots. The gradual placement will ensure that your hair lightens naturally while preventing grow-out.

Difference between Balayage and Highlights or Ombre

While highlights are considered traditional cap or foiling techniques, balayage style represents a freehand technique. It creates a natural look, rather than a uniform finish as colors are applied in particular areas to brighten the features.

Ombre is a coloring technique that shades the hair from dark to light, just like in balayage. However, the technique lightens all the hair ends, and the coloring will appear brighter on the lower hair shaft. With balayage, the colorist paints the strands sparingly, and the dyed parts blend up with the remaining hair.

Why Balayage is Popular

There are several reasons why balayage is currently trending. These include:
Less maintenance— Since balayage is applied to create a natural and flattering look rather than skunky and stark, it needs less effort to maintain. This means spending less tie at the salon and definitely less money.

The technique is customized— Balayage has different designs based on color, gradation, and placement depending on the length, color, and texture of your hair. As such, the technique can be personalized for every client to fit their preferred features. Keep in mind that balayages do not look the same; your look will be dependent on the stylist's portfolio. Your stylist will look at your hair and identify the best color that accentuates your natural look.
It is trendy— Balayage is currently a trending fashion. From Chrissy Tiegen to the Kardashians, the hair color trend has been on the limelight, explaining the recent popularity. On Instagram alone, a search for the term "balayage" provides over 10 million results.


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