All about Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are significantly lighter and softer, providing a natural appeal that blends in with your existing hair. As the name suggests, hand-tied weft hair extensions refer to those hand-sewn. Unlike other applications, hand-tied extensions are durable and light, featuring smaller wefts or curtains. A weft is a collection of hair strands nicely set on a piece of fabric. They are attached to the owner's hair using various techniques.

Why hand tied weft extensions?

When finished, weft hair extensions should form a full, blunt perimeter just like tape-in extensions. Some of the key benefits of hand tied weft hair extensions include:

  • A natural appeal that blends with existing hair

  • Light and easy on the scalp

  • Soft to touch

  • Requires no tape, glue or heat

  • Lasts longer than most styles

  • If you choose 100% Remy human hair, you can wash, dry, straighten, curl and style with heating tools

How to apply hand-tied weft hair extension

Hand-sewn weft hair extensions require existing hair to apply. The more natural hair you have, the better it will look, but you can still pull off a stunning look with short hair. The primary prerequisite for this process is clean, well-combed, dry hair. Specialists can use different techniques, but most follow the following steps:

Step 1 – Bead setting

The process starts with setting a beaded foundation on existing hair. Weft hair extensions require secure attachment to last long, so the specialist should ensure the beaded rows are tough enough to hold the extensions.

Step 2 – Setting the weft hair

Once the foundation is set, your hairdresser will start attaching the hand-tied wefts layer by layer, until the entire head is covered. The technique will depend on how you intend to style or the final look you are going for.

Step 3 – Styling

Your specialist will finish the first styling, so you leave the salon ready. This involves applying conditioners and touch-ups that reveal the stunning appeal you want to create. When finished, the process takes around 2 to 3 hours for a full head if you choose an experienced hairdresser.

How long do hand-tied wefts last?

If you take good care of your hand tied weft hair extensions, it should last up to 12 months. The specialist also plays a vital role in how long your extension lasts. For maximum durability, you need experienced hairdressers who can securely attach the wefts and continue proper maintenance during the move-up appointments. Here are the best practices for a long-lasting hand tied weft hair extensions:

  • Use proper brushing techniques and combs. Remember to brush regularly

  • Purchase the correct shampoo, conditioner and styling products. You can ask for the hairdresser's recommend advice

  • Wrap and cover your hair when you go to bed

  • Don't miss a move-up appointment

Move-up maintenance

Hand-tied weft hair extensions require move-up every 6 to 8 weeks, but you can get them sooner if it gets springy. During this appointment, your specialist will remove the sewn wefts, move up the beads closer to your scalp and set the wefts back for a neat, secure finish. The process takes 1 to 2 hours to accomplish.


Hand-tied weft hair extensions are fabulous and easy to maintain. If you follow all the best practices listed above, your extension should look glamorous all year long. You can also customize the weft size and style them as you please. Make sure you choose high-quality shampoo, conditioner and styling agents to avoid damaging your extensions. 100% Remy and Virgin hair provide the best results and styling options.


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