Time to become the new you for the holiday's

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of look you’d like in the new year. Sure, you could stick to your regular style, but you know what they say: variety is the spice of life. So why not switch things up a bit and change your hair color? Give yourself a fresh start. It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new you.

Choosing a hair color in 2020 is a more exciting experience than at virtually any other time in history. The reason for this is the sheer range of options available to you. Today, you can get not only different hair dyes but also hair treatments that use a variety of coloring technologies, allowing you to mix and match and experiment in ways that you never could before.

Choose High-Quality Hair Products

While you can get some bargain-basement hair dyes, we wouldn’t advise it. These products often contain harsh chemicals and never really reproduce the color that you see on the front of the packaging. Most people are disappointed by the results.

If you’re planning on changing your hair color in 2020, we suggest sticking with professional salons and spas that focus on hair color in Henderson. They focus exclusively on providing great products and applying them in ways that will protect the integrity of your hair. Importantly, they help you avoid starting your 2020 hair journey off on the wrong foot and can provide much-needed advice to get the style you want.

Furthermore, when you choose quality hair color products, you get longer-lasting results. Your new hair color will stay with you for months, reducing the number of times you need to redo it, thus protecting your delicate follicles.

Choose A Color That Complements Your Natural Tones

Most people benefit from choosing a hair color that complements their natural tones. But what does this actually mean?
 Well, for starters, it doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a hair color similar to your existing hair. After all, nobody has naturally blue or green hair. What it does mean, though, is selecting a tone that matches your skin tone, preferred style of makeup, and overall complexion. You want something that goes well with the rest of your look, even if it’s highly experimental! With the right approach, you can get a style that looks fabulous on you, helping you take on a completely new look in 2020.

Get Highlights And Low-Lights

Coloring hair isn’t just about changing the tone of every individual fiber. It’s also about providing you with options that add texture, depth, and volume to your hair.

Are you sick of your hair looking limp, lifeless, and dull? If so, then adding highlights and low-lights can help. The additional contrast makes the hair “pop” and is an excellent option for 2020.

What’s nice about highlights and low-lights is how subtle they are. You don’t have to change your look wholesale: just tinker around the edges. It’s a subtle and delicate way to give yourself a new look for the new year.


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